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Why Take CBD Products?

by Melissa Sandstrom

Why Take CBD Products?

It’s no secret that people are, more than ever, choosing natural products to help support their overall health and wellness. The legalization of marijuana—in some states—and hemp across the USA has opened the door to certain naturally occurring compounds that are unique to the plants. Most of these compounds, known as Cannabinoids, are just starting to be explored for their healthful benefits, but some are already showing evidence as safe alternatives to synthetic medications.

Perhaps the most famous of these compounds is THC—the psychoactive substance taken in various forms to elicit a ‘high’. This occurs naturally in a greater level within the marijuana plant, but at a lower level in the closely related hemp plant that is sought after for it’s higher amount of CBD. Any hemp product for sale must pass testing and prove to be under a determined legal limit of THC to ensure no psychoactive effect is felt by the consumer. CBD has become an in-demand natural compound after showing supportive evidence of positive health effects and a growing list of consumers with remarkable experiences. Some of these include pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and sleep.

For those curious about reading more about the potential effects, we will list below some studies that have investigated CBD.

Anxiety and sleep: This article suggests that “evidence points towards a calming effect” for CBD and saw that it may hold benefit for anxiety-related disorders after observing patients with improved sleep and anxiety scores.

Inflammation and pain: This study explored osteoarthritis as a cause for periodic inflammation and resulting pain. It observed that CBD elicited a decrease in inflammatory response and the pain from it. The conclusion was that CBD may be a safe therapeutic in the treatment of pain from inflammation, specifically with regard to osteoarthritis. 

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