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Why Choose Hemp Defense?

by Melissa Sandstrom

Why Choose Hemp Defense?

Our Hemp Defense vision started with a desire to make super premium cannabidiol, or CBD, products available to customers and an affordable price. We were tired of seeing the same cheap products with different labels on them and no real ingenuity being marketed to customers at outrageous prices. And as Henry Ford once said, “Don’t find a fault. Find a remedy.” So, we sought to raise the bar and combine nutraceutical grade organic hemp extracts with other trusted premium ingredients to specifically address the needs we were hearing from customers.

To execute on this vision, Hemp Defense is involved at the farm level and throughout the entire manufacturing process. There is no buying from middle men or simply branding already-made packages. Hemp Defense sought out the best in formulation, manufacturing, and packaging, ensuring that quality is the goal every step of the way. For example, our Relief CBD capsules are made in a GMP facility that is routinely inspected by the FDA and maintains the highest quality certifications possible (NSF, NSF for Sport, USP). Each product is thoroughly tested to ensure safety, potency, and quality at specific checkpoints. We think they’re the best CBD capsules available and are made right next to some of the most trusted brands on the market.

Hemp Defense products come with years of extraction experience behind them. Each formula has a pure spectrum, nutraceutical-grade hemp extract at its core, and all from organically grown hemp. Along with the targeted amount of nutraceutical CBD, these also contain other specific beneficial components—most of which are other cannabinoids. We take even more care, leaving out undesirable solvents and plant matter that find their way into many other hemp products and tend to yield poor taste and purity. What is left is only high-quality hemp extract that is inoffensive and rich in natural factors.

Each unique Hemp Defense product then combines other specific ingredients that complement the benefits of their core extracts. Some of these ingredients have even been granted trademarks and/or patents for their demonstrated effectiveness. For example, BioPerine® from Sabinsa, is a ‘thermonutrient’ that has been awarded 7 patents for its ability to enhance the bioavailability of other ingredients. While other cheaper options exist, Hemp Defense opts for the tried-and-true.

We will strive to keep addressing the particular needs of customers, with sleep, stress, brain health, and everyday health as current demand targets. And while each of our product aims to provide certain customized support, customers often find a crossover effect and support for other benefits that organic CBD innately offers.

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