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What Is ‘Pure Spectrum’?

by Melissa Sandstrom

What Is ‘Pure Spectrum’?

If you’ve explored the world of CBD and/or hemp, you surely have seen enough nomenclature to be thoroughly confused. And rightfully so. Full spectrum; broad spectrum; isolate; distillate; concentrate; the list goes on. So, what is ‘Pure Spectrum’ exactly? At Hemp Defense, we chose this for our products because it best represents our efforts to select extracts intended for specific uses. All begin with organically harvested hemp plants that have THC below legal limits.

For our unique Relief CBD capsules, the hemp undergoes a solvent-free, patent pending process that yields a fine powder. This powder has a particular cannabinoid profile that best supports relief of pain and inflammation, while also being effective for stress and anxiety. The chemistry stays intact and an ‘entourage effect’ is ensured by maintaining the synergy achieved through having all the naturally occurring cannabinoids is available. The result is a clean, pure, nutraceutical grade base for our product. We think they’re the best CBD capsules available.

In making our hemp oil tinctures, the organic hemp is extracted and then that extract undergoes a limited distillation step to remove THC. With some customers needing a THC-free option due to job regulations or personal preference, we opted to make ours this way. They still maintain a complex cannabinoid profile that augments the CBD inside and ensures maximum efficacy.

So, what about the other names? We’ll do our best to summarize.

Full spectrum CBD: an extract that typically contains legal, trace amounts of THC and hasn’t removed any particular substance. A desirable ‘entourage effect’ is thought to have better effects due to synergy between cannabinoids.

Broad spectrum CBD: an extract that has removed the THC through processing.

Isolate: a crystal powder made by thoroughly processing extracts and removing nearly everything else. The result is a crystalline powder.

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